Do your soaps contain any synthetics or fragrance?

No, yuck, no! The Point Naturals soaps are made with only pure essential oils, ethically & sustainably sourced high quality oils, botanicals and ingredients.

Our Palm Oil is produced on a plantation that is not used on Rain Forest land. Our supplier is a member of RSPO (Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil). As a buyer purchasing the Palm Oil from my supplier, we are given information on the unique tracking number associated with the product and a lot number. This way the Palm Oil can be tracked back up the supply chain.

No artificial fragrance, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, animal fats or artificial colour. No crap. Pure and simple. That's how I got into making all these gorgeous products. I wanted to use products that I felt good about, were safe to use and showed great results. Ta-da!

How do I store & use my soaps?

The soaps are made with rich oils so during high humidity you may notice a sheen of oil on the soaps. This does not effect the soaps's ability to lather. Soap stores best in a warm, dry area. Store your soap on a drainable soap dish in order to avoid the soap becoming too soft and/or dissolving.

All our soaps can be used as a shampoo bar or for shaving. The Doggy Shampoo bar can also be used by humans. The essential oils used are great for deterring mosquitos and black flies so you may want to use this when you are at the cottage or camping!

How is your soap made?

We make our soaps in small batches. Our soaps are 100% natural which means using lye (sodium hydroxide) and pure oils. Soap is created when oils are mixed with a strongly alkaline solution. This alkaline solution brings about a chemical reaction known as "saponification", which is a combination of various soap salts, excess fat or alkali, water and liberated glyceral (glycerin). The glycerin is a useful by-product which can be left in the soap as a softening agent. Many commercial soap companies take out the glycerin to sell as a by-product to drug companies. Once the chemical reaction between lye and the oils has taken place there is no lye left in the finished product.

After mixing the lye and oils and perhaps the pure essential oil we then pour the soap into handmade wooden molds. The soap molds are kept warm for 24-36 hours then turned out, handcut into soap bars then stored in a warm and dry place for a minimum of 4 weeks to cure. The longer the curing, the harder the soap. Soap can be used before this time period without harm but they last a lot longer if they have a chance to cure.

I noticed some of my soap that I've had for a few months has changed colour. What is that about?

Certain essential oils will trun colour or oxidize after a few months. Vanilla, lavender and some soaps with botanicals may turn to a light brown colour. This does not affect the soap and it can still be used. Once you start using the soap you will notice the original colour start to show through. I always tell people to USE your lovely soaps, don't just set them out as a decoration. Use them up then buy more! You deserve to use these fine soaps! You will feel fresh and clean and your skin will feel smooth and silky. I've never been a fan of "saving it for good". Drink your juice out of grandma's Waterford glasses!

How come some of your soaps cost more than others?

Good question. Some of the essential oils we use cost a lot more than others even when we are buying in large quantities. There are some oils we'd love to use but they cost too much to produce. If there is a particular scent you would like that we don't make, let us know. We can offer to customize an order by offering to sell an entire loaf (about 28 bars) with your own custom scent.

What is the shelf life of my product?

Natural ingredients need to be stored properly for maximum effectiveness. The dark brown containers assist in sheilding the products from light which may degrade certain oils. Keep your product away from heat sources and sunlight. Store creams and oils in a cool, dark place. Most products have a shelf life of 2 years unopened. Once opened we suggest using the product within 12 months.

Certain essential oils break down quicker than others. Use your product in a timely manner. If it smells off, don't use it. Don't be like my sister who saves things "for good"! She has a jar of homemade antipasto I gave her for Christmas in 1985. I adore my sister but go figure! Use your product! You deserve it!

Do you offer free shipping?

We are new at this and perhaps once we get bigger we will be able to offer free shipping options. In the meantime, we gather your order, pack it carefully. measure & weigh, then ship it off ASAP. We will email you a tracking number so you can see when and where your shipment will arrive. We will email you shipping options for ground (expedited- 3-9 business days) or air (express-2-4 business days) for Canadian shipping.  US ground (expedited-1-2 weeks) or air (express-4-8 business days) shipping.

International shipping rates vary depending on weight. Delivery can take between 4 and 12 weeks to arrive by Air service. Please contact you customs authority to find out if any additional import fees or taxes will be charged.

If you live near by we can either drop off your products or you can arrange to pick them up or have a friend help you out.

Are your products available for wholesale?

Yes. Please email us with your contact information and we can discuss wholesale options.

Do you offer custom soaps and products?

Yes! I love it when I am approached to create a product for a specific reason! Recently I had a lovely grandmother ask about acne remedies for her university aged grand daughter. I created a serum with essential oils specific for aiding in the healing and prevention of acne. I even made a special label with the grand daughter's name as part of the title. The Acne Serum worked great and now her university pals want some! So, if there is something you are curious about, email me. I have a customer who is allergic to citrus so I created the Skin Repair Oil for her without using the Sweet Orange & Neroli essential oils or the Grapefruit Seed Extract.

We can create custom sized soaps as well. Do you have a wedding coming up? A baby shower? Do you own a Bed & Breakfast and want guest size soaps? We can do that. We will need at least 4 weeks lead time to make the soaps and let them cure before using. There is a minimum charge for custom orders. Email us with your thoughts and we'd love to make it happen for you!