I wanted to send you a quick message about your products,

They are absolutely AMAZING! My face has cleared right up and a nasty red dry skin like rash around my nose has disappeared. I love the soap, I love it all! I look forward to ordering more.

Thank you so much. It has taken so long to find something that my skin agrees with!

Nicole Cordingly, Kingston, Ontario

These products are absolutely amazing!  I am a mom of three children under 5 years old. My days can get hectic.  Thanks to the Baby Soap and the Lavender Body Oil my children literally are ready to fall asleep after their bedtime baths, sometimes their eyes are closing before they get out of the tub. It's like magic!  The Baby Bum Balm is so soothing it makes my babies smile every time. I use it on their temples when they have sinus issues as well. 

The Thieves Oil has prevented us all from getting sick, and even healed an infected wound. It's uses are endless!  

My personal favourite is the Complexion Soap and Skin Repair Oil combination.  I instantly saw a difference in the youthfulness of my skin after the first use.  No more expensive wrinkle creams for me!!  The Skin Repair Oil is literally liquid gold to me.  A very reasonable price for such an amazing product!   

The scents are uplifting and awakening.  It's a purely divine experience every time I use these products.  I am on a mission to have the entire collection.  Did I mention the Lip Balm?  Heaven! 

Jaclyn Durling, Marmora and Lake ON


I have been using The Point Naturals products for four years now and love them. I would never go back to using store bought products. I use a variety of the soaps, my favourite being Lavender. I have one at every sink in my house. The Complexion Soap is always in my shower which I find perfect for both face and body.

The Thieves Oil has such a wonderful fragrance and so many uses. I put a couple of sprays in my washer and dryer every week. I give my furniture a spray to freshen it up and in my cat's litter box to help disinfect it and keep it kitty fresh. I will even give our shoes and boots a squirt!

My daughter had terrible dry chapped hands and Laurane suggested using the Baby Bum Balm and has had great success with it. So it is not just for bums!

The Skedaddle spray and Lip Balm are also great and I use them yearly.

These are just a few of The Point Naturals products that are available and I highly recommend giving them a try. I guarantee you will not be dissappointed.

Nadine Welsh, Marmora, Ontario


 The Point Naturals carries quality natural, herbal facial & body products. Not just soaps! The Point Naturals is very accomodating with payments. I would highly recommend The Point Naturals line of products.

Bernadette Newton, Oshawa, Ontario


I've used a number of The Point Naturals products and always keep coming back for more! My new favorite is the Thieves Oil; I use it as a room spray to help my sudents relax in my yoga classes, and it makes an excellent yoga mat cleaner.

Leigh Nash, Crown Yoga + Tarot, Wellington, Ontario


I absolutely LOVE their soap....my favourite is the Lemongrass but Rosemary is a close second. I have been using their soap for over three years and I have the greatest skin and no longer have sinus issues. The Lip Balm keeps my lips from chapping all winter.

Thank you The Point Naturals for offering such a fabulous line of products!

Sincerely, Dawn Bell, Ingelside, Ontario


I strongly recommend Laurane's soaps to anyone who is looking for high quality natural soaps. I have used them for over five years and never been disappointed. They smell wonderful, foam abundantly, and leave my skin happy. She makes them at home, by hand. Laurane's soaps are undiluted goodness,                        Antoine Houdeville, Toronto


We have been using The Point Naturals products for a number of years and are very pleased with them. In particular we rely heavily on Skedaddle, a very effective bug spray, that is a necessity where we live. It does the job and smells good too!

I have had really good results using The Point Naturals Tea Tree Remedy. I have discovered small dry patches on my face and when these patches first appeared I was sent to a dermatologist who used liquid nitrogen to burn them off, telling me that they could be pre cancerous. They came back after 5 months. I now use Tea Tree Remedy in addition to the Complexion Soap made by The Point Naturals and they disappeared!

Celia Murray, Marmora, Ontario


“Oh cool! Can I write a testimonial? 2 people have said my car smells so nice, what air freshener do I use? It's the Skedaddle spray! One day I spritzed myself with it on my way into an appointment because I'd been smoking in my car, and she commented on that wonderful smell and asked if I'd been using essential oils, and what combination because she really liked the smell. She is always looking for ways to freshen up her office so I might buy her a bottle...

 4 different ways to use Skedaddle!: bug repellent, air freshener, body spritz, and glass cleaner. I even use it on my clothes like febreeze!!!

Tanya Speight, Communication Specialist for Indie Musicians, Grimsby, Ontario


I have used Point Naturals' products for years.  They make great body oils.  I have very dry skin and find them soothing,  easy to apply and for the skin to absorb.  While many similar products in the market have overpowering scent, I find these quite pleasant and even comforting. I apply them all over my body after showering,  from face to toes,  and it feels totally delicious! 

Vicente Gannam, Toronto, Ontario


Our dog, Pipper, loves your Doggy Shampoo Bar! We use your soaps when bathing her, I love the way it lathers up and leavers her smelling fresh and clean.

Pipper’s groomer is now trying out your soaps also, two of her girls took samples home with them, guess they love the smell too. (take a look at the handsome Piper on the Doggy Shampoo Bar site).

Larry Somerville, Fort McMurray, Alberta