Have you ever been lucky enough to be engaged in work that brings you joy? I get into a real bliss moment at times when I'm in the thick of creating my products and it's all going together beautifully. I'm having one hell of a good time, and I keep thinking, "Damn! I love this stuff and other people love this stuff enough to buy it and keep buying it!" Well, I might not say that out loud but I'm thinking it, and I usually have this goofy grin while I'm doing it. I might even be drinking wine when I think it.

I started making a Body & Face Balm about 15 years ago. It was really good and I liked that I had control over creating a product that had such great ingredients in it and worked wonderfully. Move forward a few years. I ditched a good paying job that I loved but was ready for a change. I moved from my lovely home in Duncan on Vancouver Island all the way to the little rural town of Marmora Ontario. I LOVE rural Ontario. Sure, I miss Vancouver Island, B.C., but I can still visit from time to time. For my first few years, I was challenged by a few difficult curve balls that I now like to refer to as my "life lessons".  They sucked but at the same time they enabled me to grow in ways I never thought possible and for that I am thankful. I like to think I emerged out of the challenges a much better person, and I also discovered and married my best friend!

I started making soaps. I sold them at our local Marmora Farmer's Market along with a few other products. I was gaining return customers and glowing reports! I spent many years making and selling my products strictly at a low key market level along with Christmas and other local events. I was thrilled because a lot of the cottagers who visited from the cities and many locals loved my products and would seek me out via email and Facebook or they would just show up at my house hoping to replace a used up product and buy more! It was time to take it to a new level: a website! My beautiful step-daughter, Jennifer (www.jennbenn.ca), created my logo (a reflection of where we live on the Crowe River), my branding and this website. 

I am adamant about doing what's right when it comes to the environment, food, water and daily living. I have created beautiful soaps and products that are made with pure essential oils and ingredients that are good for you and have little or no impact on the environment. I use very little packaging. I source out sustainably grown & ethically harvested products, organics & botanicals. No animal testing. No. Nope Nada. Zip. I'm also about not ripping you off. Some of my products a very comparable to products I have seen that will cost you 2 or 3 times what I sell them for. I know this. I read labels. A lot. Am I paying myself a wage once the ingredients are created? Yes. I have very little overhead, no staff and, in turn, am able to offer exceptional quality products to you at affordable prices. Another bonus is that the adage, a little goes a long way, is what The Point Naturals is all about.

What gives me the most joy is when I have people tell me how much they love my products, how they have been able to use products they never thought they could use due to health issues (see the Testimonials page) & how well all my products work. That in itself makes me so happy that I want to continue to create my products and share them with you. Perhaps the Reiki I do on each, and every one of my products promotes this wonderful feedback? The infusion of universal life force energy is shared with you to allow a lovely cleansing and nurturing experience. I value the joy I have making each product and the joy I receive in knowing I'm sharing that with you.